Shipping Policy

Q: When will I receive my Order?
A: We need 2-3 Days to deliver the order, if the order volume is high please be patient it may get delayed for a few days. We can only do a specific number of orders per day. So please wait a few days before you message us.

Thank you!

Q: What if I payed for Priority Order?
A: In that case we will prioritise your order and do that before the other ones, in that case it should be done after 2 days. Please bear with us since we do all videos one by one. Please note, that on the day you ordered does not count as day one!

Q: How will the video be delivered? 
A: We will send you the Video per Mail.

Q: I can't find my video!
A: Kindly check your mails and spam folder, if you still can not find it, kindly contact us. We will help you out.